The Definitive Spiritual Instructional Course


  • Harnessing the healing power of the elements for healing (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, Ether).
  • Working with animal spirits & how to dialogue with your animal guides. 
  • Calling forth the energies of the planets. 
  • How to use the power of the plant kingdom.
  • Tinctures & elixirs.   
  • Preserving and using sexual energy for healing.  
  • Sacred geometry &  color therapy.  
  • Intuition development exercises. 
  • How to use the power of the Four Directions & how they are related to the Cross (a symbol of protection for empaths). 
  • Calling forth and developing a relationship with protective spirits.  
  • An exercise to allow you to see the human aura and energy field; it works in 85 percent of individuals who attempt it.

And more….

Energy protection when handling coins & money. 

  • The healthiest position to place the body to release negative energy.
  • Using your spiritual powers to open and work with your ‘assemblage point’. 
  • ‘Brain gym’ for unified consciousness. 
  • Shifting consciousness with dimensional work. 
  • The best foods to promote grounding
  • How to bypass the ego/mind and trust your intuition. 
  • How to use the tongue to eliminate trauma and old energy. 
  • Creating your own personal shield
  • Reflexology – powerful exercises specific for sensitive people. 
  • Energy technology to clear chakras. 
  • The best stones & crystals to fine tune and balance your sensitivity
  • Powerful energy ‘tune-up’ exercises that take only seconds.   
  • The ‘Law of the Cure’ and how to use it to clear negative energy.  
  • Male vs. Female energy and why it’s important for sensitive people. 
  • How to talk to your organs – and have them respond. 
  • How to harness the power of the breath. 
  • Alternate nostril breathing and why it’s so important for us.  
  • How to use Rajasic and Tamasic energy. 
  • How to merge consciousness and pray to the Fire spirit.  
  • What is a Heyoka – and why it’s important for you as an empath!   
  • Symbols, numbers, cranial-sacral fluid, remote viewing;

I could go on….there is a lot more.   It’s written with a good dose of my experiences and spiritual adventures; and all 3 eBooks include practical, useful, and extremely helpful steps for you to master your energy as an empath, indigo, and/or sensitive person.

This course is a true method of living your life and navigating the sea of energy of which we are all made.

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